University of Sargodha B.Ed Course Outline

Tuesday, 6 August 2013
University of Sargodha
B.Ed Course Outline

Program Title: B.Ed (Bachelors of Education)

No. Paper Name Marks
Paper 1     Introduction to Education                              100
Paper 2     English Language Communication Skills         100
Paper 3     Methods of Teaching                                     100
Paper 4     Introduction to Computer in Education           100
Paper 5     Teaching Profession and Educational Law      100
Paper 6     Human Development and Learning                 100
Paper 7     Assessment in Education                                100
Paper 8     Classroom Management                                100
Paper 9     Curriculum and Instruction                             100
Paper 10     Area Course 1                                            100
Paper 11     Area Course 1                                            100
Paper 12     Practice Teaching                                        150

Total                                 1250

Area Course:

Students may opt any two area courses from the following list:
BED510     Teaching of Mathematics
BED511     Teaching of Physics
BED512     Teaching of Chemistry
BED513     Teaching of Biology
BED514     Teaching of English
BED515     Methods of Teaching of Pakistan Studies
BED 516     Methods of Teaching Urdu
BED517     Teaching of General Science

Bachelor degree (BA/BSc, B.Com etc.) at least second division

Medium of Instruction:
The medium of instruction: English and Urdu.
(Both languages are allowed as approved by the syndicate)

Passing Marks     :    33%
Aggregate Marks    :    40%
Annual System   
Regular Classes
M.Phil, PHD Faculty  

Fee Tariff:
Total Fee 24000/-
Including: Registration fee, Examination Fee, Tuition Fee
Fee can be submitted in Three Installments.
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