M. Ed PROGRAMME Course Outline / Fee

Tuesday, 6 August 2013
Program Title    :     M. Ed (Master of Education)
Duration         :     One year
Eligibility         :    B. Ed (minimum 2nd Division)

i.     As teacher in Elementary/Secondary/Higher Secondary schools
ii.    As lecturer in Inter/Degree colleges / university
iii.     As Administrator and instructional supervisor at school level

Course Outlines:
Compulsory Papers:

Course Code     Name of Course
1.     MED601     Philosophy of Education
2.     MED602     Educational Psychology & Guidance
3.     MED603     History of Education
4.     MED604     Educational Testing, Measurement and Assessment
5.     MED605     Research Methods in Education
6.     MED606     Educational Administration
7.     MED607     Curriculum Development
8.     MED608     Instructional Technology

Elective Papers (select any one of the following groups)

Course Code     Name of Course
Group – I
9.     MED609     Educational Law
10.     MED610     Educational Planning and Financing
11.     MED611     Human Resource Management

Group – II
9.     MED612     Counseling Techniques
10.     MED613     Educational & Vocational Guidance
11.     MED614     Assessment & Evaluation in Guidance
12.     MED615     Thesis or
MED616     Educational Supervision or
MED617     Guidance & Counseling

Fee Tariff:
    Total Fee: 25000
    Including:   Registration Fee, Examination Fee, Tuition Fee
    Fee can be submitted in 3 Installments
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