B.A /B.Sc Course Outline / Fee Tariff

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

B.A /B.Sc
*Regular classes
*Duration: 2 Years
*Separate Campuses for Boys and Girls

Course Outline:
B.A Subjects                        B.Sc Subjects
Compulsory Subjects:                    Compulsory Subjects:
Islamic Studies                                                         Islamic Studies
Pakistan Studies                                                       Pak Studies
English Language                          English Language

Elective Subjects (Select any Two)                                    Elective Subjects (Select any two)
Computer Studies                                                      Economics
Economics                                                                 Computer
Education                                                                   Mathematics
Mathematic General                            Pure & Applied Mathematics
History                                Math A
Political Science                            Math B
Optional Subject (Choose any One)

Boys:        Grey Trouser & white shirt
        White socks & Black Shoes
        Blue Sweater/Blazer in winters    
Girls:        Grey shirt with collar & white Shalwar
        White Dopatta with ribbons
        White Socks & Black Shoes
        Black Sweater V-neck in winters

Fee Tariff:
Registration Fee             :    1800/-
Sports Fee                           :     200/-
University Collection Fund        :    500/-
Enrolment Fee            :    900/-
Tuition Fee                :    2000/- Per Month
(1st installment for 6 months 12000/- at the time of admission)
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